About Us: "Our Why" ?

We are the World’s 1st GOLD-BACK Rewards Loyalty service...Patented...and nothing else comes close in worth...or lasting Wealth building...as OMG’s Free-Gold /Tax-Free Secured Savings Solution. It is as good as it gets!

GOLD-Back rewards are way above, and way beyond, all other Loyalty Rewards in lasting value,including the favorite...Cash-Back (i.e.Government-Issued Paper or Digital I.O.U. Fiat-Currency) !

"Can you say DISRUPTOR & soon a UNICORN...of the Loyalty /Rewards industry...Boys & Girls"??! -Mister Rogers & GOLDMAN quotes ! :)

Air-miles, Points, Store or Brand Bucks,Crypto-Currencies, etc.etc are all un-backed currencies with “Counter-Party Risk” (i.e. If the Company goes Bankrupt, or refuses to honor at full value, You lose).

Gold is the ONLY REAL lasting Reward (i.e. The ONLY Real Money)...universally and timelessly, that will never go to Zero, like all the other types of un-backed (i.e. by any Intrinsic Value...like a trade-able Commodity such as Gold) can and will...over time.

And, here is the Why... it’s needed NOW more than ever … see the Charts,Graphs & text below...

Some interesting Savings Stats here:

The Compounded Annual Growth rate for Gold, since we went off the USD Gold Standard In August of 1971 (Gold= $35 USD) until now (50 yrs.) in 2021 (Gold= $1849.00 USD/ 02/01/2021) , is over 8% (8.49) per year. That is better than most pensions and annuities. Plus it is Free-Gold/Tax-Free, so you’re not buying/investing into this unique (Patented) New form of: “Gold- IRA” (International Rebate Account) with “OMG” !

http://www.moneychimp.com/calculator/discount_rate_calculator.htm      (Live Fact Checker)

Return Rate (Discount Rate / CAGR) Calculator (Sample)


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No better way to save than through normal spending via OMG Rewards,Free-Gold/ Tax-Free rebates, and no better way to secure your savings than in Gold.

And….when all other forms rebates/rewards Currencies decline in value over time, creating Pain, only Gold Maintains and Gains...No Pain = Only Gain! Just “Do The Math” …

GoldMan Guarantees it:

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Looking for ways to earn even more Cash and Gold?

Just Refer others,who join and make purchases ...they, and you, make Gold-Back Rebate Rewards !

Sow good for all …by Sharing...and Reap Recurring Rewards... (i.e. Check the Referral Rewards reference link, in your member log-in area ) !

Disclaimer: We are not selling investments in paper or physical Gold, it is Free-Gold/Tax-Free on every purchase you make through OMG Rewards. No better way to accumulate Secured Savings, than through your normal Spending needs and wants. End of Story...but just the beginning of your never-ending Golden Treasures Secured-Savings Success Saga !**

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