Notice : There are NO Rebates on any retailers Gift Cards ever.    

Buy the person a Gift, have it shipped to them or you, and you get the Gold rebate= Win-Win for all! Then refer them to become an OMG Member, and both receive Rewards forever, as the referred Member makes qualified purchases = Win-Win again & again! Free-Gold/Tax-Free/Free-Member. OMG=Winning!


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Store Name GOLD-BACK Coupons Visit Store
Bloomingdales Australia 3% Go to Detail
Bloomingdales UK 1.5% Go to Detail BENELUX 2% Go to Detail
Brookstone 2% Go to Detail
Expedia Italy 5% Go to Detail
Hilton Hotels 2% Go to Detail 1.5% Go to Detail
Macys AU/Asia Pacific 3% Go to Detail
Neiman Marcus 3% Go to Detail
1-800-FLORALS 10% Go to Detail