Masviva stands for more quality of life, balance, activity and above all health. Our mission is to provide our clients, from junior to senior, with products that make their daily lives easier, contribute to more exercise and activity, and provide the necessary relaxation. Masviva ensures quality of life not only at home, but especially when traveling. Of course, you should not miss all the comforts of home that you have at home. In the bath & WC we offer you various helpful products, such as a raised toilet seat or shower stool . These aids will make your daily body hygiene easier, despite decreasing self-employment or limitations. The help from the category HAUSHALT & ALLTAG and our articles in the category MOVEMENT & MOBILITY allow you a freer, more independent life in your own home and especially on the way. With a walker or thanks to other walking aids such as our folding walking stick , smaller walks and the weekly walk to the market remain part of your everyday life. Protect and promote yoursHEALTH & WELLNESS, for example, with a massager or shoulder straightener . In addition, we offer you numerous medical supply products such as a foot bandage or wrist bandages for punctual complaints. We look forward to your visit to Masviva and if you have any questions, you can of course contact us at any time.