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O&O Software

Since 1997, O&O has developed award-winning solutions for the Windows operating system. With customers and partners in over 140 countries, it counts today amongst the leading manufacturers of systems tools for the Windows operating system. As a Microsoft Gold Partner (the highest partner level) we are in constant touch with Microsoft and stand at the very forefront of new Windows technology. We are one of the very few companies worldwide who can license their products with Microsoft-based technology, thus being able to provide a crucial added value to the customer. That is why 76% of the companies listed in DAX use O&O products, as well as 43% of those companies listed in the "Forbes 100 International". Countless press awards confirm our passion to our customer. Our products have over the past few years been voted Editor’s Choice time and time again, by both the National and International press, and have an excellent reputation, both with our customers and IT specialists alike. O&O makes programs to increase pc speed, backup data, delete data safely, rescue lost data and for administrative control, privacy and remote cloud monitoring. O&O Software is at the forefront in developing cutting-edge technology for customers from all backgrounds.