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 3.50% GOLD-BACK


WSS is an athletic specialty footwear retailer in the U.S. doing business in neighborhood-based stores out in the west coast region. We offer thousands of styles for the whole family from top name brands like NIKE, VANS, Converse, adidas, Puma, Skechers and more. Our customer is our first priority. We care about and respect our customers, always listening to understand their needs, we treat every contact with our customers as an opportunity to deliver exceptional experience. We understand that our path to achieving success is through maximizing the satisfaction of our customers, both internal and external.

exclusion: No GBR's Items : At ShopWSS sole discretion, bulk buyer transactions are subject to full reversal and GBR's reversed/canceled. In addition, transactions which include 3+ of the same SKU/product are subject to reversal and no GBR's will be paid.