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TorriaCars deals with the trade unions automotive diagnostics and automotive tools . At TorriaCars sro we sale EXTOL, ATX, BOSCH, autodiagnostics, operating fluids such as Castrol, BP, Shell, Mobil 1 tools. TorriaCars also produces SIXTOL and tools diagnostics brand QUEST. Our company is also involved in the development of programs designed for automotive diagnostics. At the beginning of 2010, the fully-featured Touchscan software was introduced, and our company was largely involved in its development and translation. Thanks to us, you have the opportunity to browse and control your vehicle comfortably, without the need for English knowledge. We're still working on its development and bringing regular updates through the web. All this at more than affordable prices. So philosophy is simple. Satisfy customer needs both in terms of choice and financial and time. We believe that you and us will find what you are looking for and that you will be satisfied with our services.