LegXercise. Earn up to 7.50% GOLD-BACK

 7.50% GOLD-BACK


LegXercise focuses on the wellness of our customers. Our number one priority is that through our products we can positively impact the lives of our consumers. We cater to the elderly, and our machines are produced for the different needs or physical conditions that they can have. LegXercise helps our customers with bad leg circulation, leg pain, or swelling within many other discomforts. Our website currently has 4 SKUs with an average order of 145, however our company is currently growing. Products are added yearly. We don’t have any promotional coupons or special offers. However, we do offer ongoing customers that we see have financial hardships and we offer them a special promotion, which is done privately mainly through Facebook. Additionally, we try to have uniform prices in all the platforms our products are available, with the difference that we do offer better pricing at our own product website.