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Gaskets & Strip Curtains

The Cooler door gasket is the rubber magnetic seal that keeps the box air tight when the door is closed. This is the only “wear Item” on the commercial refrigerator widely used in restuarants, hotels, supermarkets and bars, any place which has coolers for food and beverages. This item is designed to be changed regularly, very often without tools. The best part is the Heath Inspector in all 50 states looks at and sites business for these gaskets being torn, moldy or worn out. This means the Food Service operator has no choice but to replace this part. The typical way people search from this product is by searching the Refrigerator “brand” plus the words gasket or door gasket. Or by searching the part number online. Our typical customers are Restaurant owners, Maintenance professionals, HVAC and HVACR contractors. We carry 36 different styles of gasket and can fit most commercial units and Walk in Coolers.