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Tenikle, LLC

What we sell: The original octopus—inspired All-In-One tech accessory. Combine all your tech essentials into one, so you never miss a beat. -Car Mount -Selfie Stick -Tripod -Stand -Bike Mount -Tablet Mount & more Perfect for anyone on the go, or use while lazing around the house! BEND IT — into almost any accessory. MOUNT STUFF — virtually anywhere. UNIVERSAL — for all your tech. Including phones, cameras, tablets & more! CARRY LESS — DO MORE Discover endless uses. We love exploring, but we got tired of buying so many different accessories for traveling, so we invented and patented a way to mount all your tech anywhere. Even at home, in the office, or in the car. PORTABLE — ROLL IT SMALL. Never miss a beat. Roll your Tenikle 2 into a 2.5" ball to carry on the go. Fits in a pocket bag or purse along with all your gear. INSPIRED BY THE SEA Nature is the best designer. As surfers, we were naturally inspired by the octopus for its unique ability to grasp onto and hold any object. We think that FUNCTIONAL products should also be FUN. We made a product that is not only very useful, but also super fun to use. POWERFUL SUCTION We engineered crazy strong suction cups that support up to 15lbs and work with all your devices. These strong suction cups make Tenikle not only very useful, but also super fun to play around with. Try tossing it against a window (it's a fun game ). Our customers have been testing rigorously my shaking and their phone doesn’t fall! ONE SIZE FITS ALL Forever universal. For tablets, phones, cameras & more. Works with any case or device that has a smooth surface, and it's future-proof for any new devices you might get down the line. If by chance your case is not compatible with suction power, you can use our Dot Adapters or the clip included in the Shutterbug Kit. MOUNT ANYTHING — ANYWHERE Bend, wrap stick, suction, mount, hang, stand and discover endless ways to use Tenikle in any situation. Use it to watch videos without holding your device, Facetime hands-free, or capture moments with ease. And don’t forget! We also offer a 5 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.