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Substanbo is an innovative technology company focused on consumer electronics and intelligent hardware & software development. We have three brands: ABOX, Bomaker and TrekPow.

ABOX is devoted to creating a more convenient, healthy, diverse and comfortable life experience for our customers across the world. We focus on a range of electric & electronic products allocated in the area of Home Theater, Home Appliance, Personal Care, Home Therapy Electronics and Office Electronics. Some featured products include projectors, TV boxes, electric toothbrushes, etc.
Bomaker focuses on the field of audiovisual entertainment, it establishes a theater-level home entertainment ecosystem through high-quality audiovisual products. Bomaker strives to bring the finest audiovisual enjoyment and most authentic interactive experience to our customers on a global basis.
TrekPow focuses on safety, achieves in efficiency, serves for the vast global automotive market. TrekPow is committed to providing the most comprehensive services on automotive electronics technology and becoming the best companion on the road for our customers across the globe.