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CLE Holistic Health

CLE HOLISTIC HEALTH FEATURED PRODUCTS CLE’s Professional Grade Nutritional Supplements address three primary health conditions: * High Blood Pressure * Type 2 Diabetes * Depression CLE Holistic Health is a leading global manufacturer & distributor of natural supplements to lower high blood pressure, high blood sugar and the treatment of type 2 diabetes and depression. ALL NATURAL ALISTROL Formulated to support healthy blood pressure levels Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels Promotes a healthy, strong heart muscle Improves blood flow to the heart Improves vascular circulation Provides anti-aging benefits Maintains healthy skin Strengthens arteries ALL NATURAL NAAVUDI Formulated to support healthy blood sugar Reduces cravings for simple carbohydrates and sweets Improves physical adaptability and reduce stress Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels Promotes blood glucose metabolism Supports insulin sensitivity ALL NATURAL MOOD EFFEX Formulated to support healthy mood and joy Promotes happiness, joy and better overall health Increases circulatory energy to vital organs Increases mental awareness and alertness Restores balance in the body Increases sexual libido Helps reduce stress