Organic Aromas. Earn up to 3.50% GOLD-BACK

 3.50% GOLD-BACK

Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas is selling a very unique, powerful and beautiful aromatherapy diffuser. Unlike many others on the market, ours requires NO heat and NO water. It is made from excellent high quality recycled plantation wood and hand-blown glass and contains NO plastic.

Our Nebulizing Diffusers are extremely powerful and very quiet. They preserve the original therapeutic effects and properties of the pure essential oil without altering, transmuting or changing it in any way.

The diffusers operate on any electrical voltage system in the world (110/220v) and include the wall adapter for the users market. The diffuser has a timer which causes the unit to operate emitting scent for 2 minute and then "resting" for a period of 1 minute in a cycle for a total of 2 hours. There is an attractive LED mood light and can be turned on and off with the touch sensor light switch.

We also offer a complete line of pure essential oils and their blends in attractive unique packaging.

In addition to this, we offer hand carved diffusers and recently began custom laser engraving as well.

We believe our products are unique, high quality and have a long life which we back by a 1 year free all-inclusive parts and service warranty.