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Malco Modes LLC

BellaSous Brands is an umbrella entity selling two distinct brands through our website - the brands are described below:

Malco Modes:

Malco Modes is America's leading manufacturer of luxury petticoats, pettipants, tutus and slips. The brand is over a century old, and started as a women's ready-to-wear brand in San Francisco in the 1920's. At one point the brand was a major player in the bridal, country, and square dance markets. Today Malco Modes garments are sought out for their high quality fabrics and durable construction. Our customers are frequently professional dancers and costumers in search of high quality dance garments. However, today we are particularly well-regarded in the vintage / pinup / rockabilly industry, where we are a known and highly-desired brand.

BellaSous Costume:

BellaSous costume is an American manufacturer of mass-priced costume and party separates, particularly specializing in tutus, pettiskirts, petticoats, and booty shorts. Our products compete directly with brands such as Leg Avenue and Rubie's, and are typically more highly desires than these competitors, as our products are 100% American-made and therefore tend to be of higher quality. These garments are often used as single-use costumes for such events as Halloween, parties, raves, fun runs, dances or dance recitals, and other events.