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Zero Breeze

Zero Breeze is a company specializing in the development of outdoor portable air conditioners. Zero Breeze launched the world's first battery-powered portable air conditioner in August 2016, and the more powerful and innovative Mark 2 in July 2019.

Zero Breeze Mark II is an innovative cordless battery air conditioner, powered by 24v batteries. Unlike the traditional portable air conditioner, Mark II is not limited by the power supply, free to use anywhere, such as: tents, camping air conditioning, the RV, in-car air conditioning, outdoor sports, boats, small air-crafts, any place you need

Zero Breeze Mark 2 is the only real air conditioner on the market that runs on a battery. It allows the air conditioning life to be no longer confined to the house, enjoy the cool anywhere with Mark 2

Mark 2 Features:
smaller and lighter than traditional air conditioners, 1/3 size of most AC units in the market, be lifted with one hand
High efficiency built-in micro compressor, within 10 minutes the unit can blow out of cold air that is 30F lower than environment
24v battery powered, single battery support 5 hours of cooling
Use it anywhere with solar power & in-car plug to support battery charging