The Nomadik. Earn up to 4% GOLD-BACK


The Nomadik was created on the principles of venturing into the unknown. It is searching continents, scoping coastlines, and trekking through mountains and fjords to arrive at the place you dream of.

Our monthly packages inspire people to get outside by delivering the best-in-class gear directly to our customer's doorstep. Our hope is that more people will experience everything Mother Nature has to offer, appreciate it, and understand the importance of protecting it. Our desire is to help protect everywhere you can adventure, and encourage people to see how amazing our world is!

Our subscriptions are tailored to those explorers, campers, hikers and adventurers who appreciate high-quality gear from our select partners. Each box is unique, and the gear enclosed can be enjoyed by everyone who appreciates their time exploring. Our subscription boxes come in several packages, allowing for a great gift opportunity over the holidays, or for special road trips, family outings, or weekend getaways for people of all ages.