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Promix Nutrition

Promix® is the nutrition that fuels athletes daily. We use the highest quality ingredients and nothing artificial. Promix® prides itself on the partnership it has built with our farmers, who produce our grass-fed California whey, organic Canadian yellow peas, and grass-fed Brazilian collagen. We choose only the best non-GMO and organic ingredients for our products. None of our products contain soy, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Promix® products start with answering the nutritional needs of athletes. Our grass-fed whey protein, was originally made and tested to meet the training needs of USA Olympic Triathletes and Track & Field Athletes. These athletes needed a convenient source of protein during training that was clean, unsweetened, unflavored and easy-mixing. Our grass-fed whey continues to fuel our athletes' recovery with a protein that is naturally rich in lactoferrin, omega-3’s, CLA and BCAA’s.