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Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, palmpalm™ was formulated by Trinity Packaging Supply, LLC with the intention of helping essential workers remain safe and protected through the pandemic and beyond. As demand grew and hand sanitizer supply became more and more limited, palmpalm™ expanded to offer the general public a safe and effective solution to the hand sanitizer shortage. palmpalm™ is the successful result of an effort led by Anthony Magaraci, president of Trinity Packaging Supply, LLC and fellow members of the Young President’s Organization (YPO) Manufacturing Coalition to fight COVID-19. Recognizing the urgent need for PPE, the coalition has leveraged the strength of its international manufacturing network to help ensure governments, health systems, and businesses have access to a safe, effective, and fast-acting hand sanitizer and other essential PPE products. In its ability to control all aspects of its supply chain, from the growth of the corn-based ethanol to its manufacturing to the production of its bottles, palmpalm™ is in a unique position to meet the demand and standards of essential businesses and consumers alike.