Aidom Online Inc.. Earn up to 7.50% GOLD-BACK

 7.50% GOLD-BACK

Aidom Online Inc. is a revolutionary fish oil product. It uses the freshest salmon oil on the planet and fruit flavor to make it standout in the fish oil market. Our Atlantic salmon is from the icy waters of the Arctic Circle, and transferred live in water to our plant where we process them from live salmon to salmon oil in less than 75 minutes. Others may take days to process their oil, resulting in a less healthy product with a fishy taste. We even conduct our process under a nitrogen atmosphere and add a natural antioxidant mixture to further prevent the possibility of rancidity of the oil after production. Our biotech process ensures complete tractability, so we know which oil came from which fish, and exactly what happened to each fish before and after it came to our facility. All of this is done so that we can bring you the absolute freshest, healthiest, and best tasting Salmon oil available anywhere on the planet today. Because your health is worth the effort. Live Salmon from the Arctic Circle Better Tasting - No Fishy Taste! No Open-Bottle Oxidation Great Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids GMP Certified Non GMO Gluten Free For a single box, the price is 48.85, for "Buy 3 and 1 Free", the price is 146.5$. We only Ship to US.