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Bearaby is an innovative weighted sleep company that combines the best of sleep science with patented design and sustainable materials to create the world’s first weighted bedding. Founded by Kathrin Hamm, Bearaby launched its initial bedding collection in December 2018.
The Sleeper
The Bearaby Sleeper is the world’s first weighted comforter, using innovative materials and design to give you the best night’s sleep.
The body contouring design ensures the weight of the comforter is distributed evenly across the body for maximum deep pressure touch.
Patented air channels keep air circulating through the comforter to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.
Custom air channels are made with athletic textiles to ensure breathability.
Weight is added using a unique glass sand filler, for a natural, distributed weight that doesn’t make you feel restricted
While other weighted bedding requires expensive dry cleaning, The Sleeper is fully machine washable – the larger queen and king comforters can even be unzipped in half to easily fit inside standard washing machines.
Available in eight unique size and weight combinations: twin (15, 20 & 25 lb), queen (20 & 25 lb), king (15/15, 15/20 & 20/20 lb).

The Napper

The Napper is a chunky knit blanket that delivers the benefits of weighted sleep in a stylish blanket you can display in any room of your house.
The Napper is made from organic cotton and uses Bearaby’s innovative layering technique to add weight naturally, while the wide loop design makes it breathable for comfortable napping.
To seamless blend into the design of your home, the Napper is available in six colors: dark blue, light blue, pink, white, light grey and dark grey.