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LIFTLAB is a prestige line of anti-aging skin care products produced by the biotech company A/F Protein. It is the result of 20 years of medical research and is the only skin care line to contain the patented Cell Protection Protein®(CPP). CPPs are found in Arctic and sub-Arctic animals, plants and marine life where they protect living organisms against environmental damage and encourage rapid regeneration of skin cells.

The LIFTLAB line has been proven by clinical and lab trials to be one of the most effective skin-protection and anti-aging skin care lines available. Among other findings, LIFTLAB products:

Increase cellular expression of collagen and elastin by 50% to 80% within 48 hours of topical application;
Increase skin firmness by 32% and elasticity by 39% over an eleven week period;
Increase cellular expression by an average of 200% of an additional 41 skin proteins that are anti-oxidants, and others associated with healing, skin regeneration, cell renewal, and heat-shock protections;
Decreases erythema (redness and irritation) from UVA/B exposure by 95% compared to all controls within 72 hours;
Maintain cellular vitality in the face of cold (US Army) and osmotic shock.