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Apex Foot

Apexfoot.com specializes in providing relief from foot pain. Apex Foot Health has been manufacturing comfortable, supportive and health-conscious shoes for over 50 years. Apex shoes are designed by foot health experts. With thousands of doctors recommending Apex shoes day in and day out.  

Our web site offers 120 different products with an average order size of $138. Orders range from $120 to $190, Ongoing customer promotions include 10% Discount and Free Shipping offers.

Program Features:

  • 10% commission rate
  • 10-day cookie duration
  • Target Audience: Baby Boomers and/or adults who are suffer from foot conditions
  • Product Datafeed available
  • Quarterly, monthly and exclusive offers available
  • Wide variety of shoe styles offering variety throughout the year
  • 50+ years of experience