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GetStronger DACH

Take your body to the next level Create a stronger, more attractive, and more self-confident version of you in just 12 weeks The new and revolutionary online fitness program "GETSTRONGER" is finally there! Not anymore! Start today and playfully reach your dream weight in 12 weeks. Quite simply from home - without a gym or expensive equipment. The unique level approach to an online fitness program makes GETSTRONGER a unique training experience. In this way you can reach your training goals in a playful and easy way. Mandy Power is a professional fitness trainer who has been able to prepare for the Ninja Warrior Germany under evidence. With the GETSTRONGER program, it's like soul motivating other people to motivate more for sports, motion and enjoyment. Improve your fitness bit by bit with level ascents. Stay motivated by specials and rewards. Next to the training videos, Mandy is also launching nutrition videos, which make up a perfect combination. It has been ensured that the customer can burn fat, grease fat and can absorb it quickly and efficiently.