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Jax n Daisy

Jax n Daisy all started out of a love for animals and a passion for essential oils! After years of tweaking and testing of just the right combination, Jax n Daisy's Antifungal ~ Antibacterial shampoo and lotion was developed. Jax n Daisy products are made with a unique combination of essential oils, natural oils and a broad spectrum antimicrobial antiseptic to offer a gentle, yet effective solution for helping to treat dermatitis caused by environmental and food allergies, itchy skin, hot spots, demodex mange and flea bite dermatitis. We are proud to offer a product that works, saves pet owners money at the vet and decreases the need for "other" treatments/medications! Our Mission is to make affordable, effective pet products that are pleasant and safe for everyone! We offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! We have a 99% success rate with helping Pets with moderate to severe dermatitis.