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Welcome to: OMG- “Oh My Gold”-™ Rewards

The World’s 1st and only, Gold-Back Rewards/Rebates…PATENTED .

OMG Rewards, is the Secure Savings Membership Club, where you can buy from your favorite retailers and wholesalers -- and receive free rebates in pure physical Gold, for every purchase you make through OMG ...and the Rebate is: Tax-Free**. Join OMG FREE, and literally: ”Spend Your Way to Secured Savings”-™.

Forget about all other Loyalty Rewards: Cash-Back, Points, Airmiles….they are Worth-less over time...Only Gold never goes to Zero. It really…truly...does not get any better than this!

Finally, you can : “Eat your cake now, and Savor it for later too”-™ , there is no better way to save securely, than via spending for your wants & needs, but that’s only true through our totally unique creation system, based solely upon Solid Math and Solid Gold !

PATENTED Power-Purchases Process...

  • Join Us
    Join Us
    Join the OMG Rewards Community Membership for FREE. All your Rebates on purchases are in Physical 24 K Gold! Not Cash-Back (Fiat I.O.U.), Points, Air-Miles or "Store Bucks", or Digital Currencies , but Real 24K GOLD as Physical Money! We: Store it, securely, in the top Private Vaults Globally ,Insure it (Via Top Global firms) , and Account it (Via Top firms Globally)... all for FREE for you. If you want to hold it...just pay shipping and handling only.** It is: Free-Gold, Tax-Free, and a Free Membership...on all purchases made through us...that’s as good as it gets! **
  • Go Shopping
    Go Shopping
    Login to Membership area, go to the OMG Rewards links there, of your favorite online retailers,and start shopping! Get your best price on what you want, and get free Gold-back,on top.
  • Get Rebates
    Get Rebates
    When OMG receives the rebates for every cleared purchase you make -- we add it to your account, all in the form of pure physical Gold. Free-Gold, Tax-Free.
  • Build Savings
    Build Savings
    OMG Rewards, will store your Gold Rebates for you ,in our partners secure insured Private Bullion Vaults -- far away from unreliable banks. Our accounting software gives you 24/7 access to your accounts, so you can literally see the savings building up. Plus, sell any or all of your (cleared/settled) Gold to us at OMG whenever you want! Or have it shipped to you, just pay Shipping & Handling.

“Membership has its Precious (Metals) Rewards!”-™

Disclaimer: We are not selling investments in paper or physical Gold, it is Free-Gold/Tax-Free on every purchase you make through OMG Rewards. No better way to accumulate Secured Savings, than through your normal Spending needs and wants. End of Story...but just the beginning of your never-ending Golden Treasures Secured-Savings Success Saga !**

For all Asterisked items above and more go to: **About Us"Our WHY" ** & the FAQ/Help... for details!

NOTICE: OMG/R2R does not sell Gold/nor any Precious Metals now, we only give "free-gold tax free" rebates on your qualified purchases, into your Virtual IRA-"International Rebate Account". If you want to buy more, go to our FAQ page item #6 here . Then return to click on the Bullion Vault logo above or:, to apply for your own direct personal allocated account.