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Frequently Asked Questions

As long as Members always make purchases through our R2R/OMG & Partners Affiliate links in their Back-Office Login area, and our soon Coming Mobile Apps or Rewards Cards, making their Purchases at Affiliated Retailers/Wholesalers we can. We (OMG/R2R) receive Commissions/Rebates on each Purchase (once cleared/settled/Paid), and pass a major portion (50%) of OUR commission-Rebate on to our direct (1st Tier) purchasing members, exchanging the cash-back for an equivalent Physical Gold-back Rebate in their account. Members/Purchasers pay the same best price they normally would find from that source chosen,and the “Free-Gold” comes from our (50% portion of)OMG Master Affiliate Commissions(100%) . This is all monies the Member never would have seen or received...ergo...its "Free" Real Money- as 24K pure physical GOLD !

We can only speak for the USA IRS,or let them speak for themselves on this, Most Tax Jurisdictions in the World, unlike the USA IRS , do not go after their Residents/Citizens for World-Wide incomes or Rebate Rewards (i.e.Consult your own Countries Tax Advisors) .In the USA/IRS situation, Rebates on Purchases are NOT considered taxable/income.

**Taxable and Nontaxable Income

IRS Tax Tip 2013-12, February 12, 2013

Most types of income are taxable, but some are not. Income can include money, property or services that you receive. Here are some examples of income that are usually not taxable:

  • Child support payments;
  • Gifts, bequests and inheritances;
  • Welfare benefits;
  • Damage awards for physical injury or sickness;
  • Cash rebates from a dealer or manufacturer for an item you buy;
  • Reimbursements for qualified adoption expenses.

We we give tremendous benefits above and beyond all others who do charge a yearly fee...

Loyalty Rewards Membership Programs Free versus Fee-

Free Versus Fee: Why Consumers Will Pay For Loyalty Programs

We store your rebates as physical Gold ,insure it, and provide certified part of this free membership free…”All-e All-e -In-Free”.

Login to Membership area, go to the R2R/OMG Rewards links there, of your favorite online retailers,and start shopping! Get your best price on what you want, and get free Gold-back,on top.

When OMG receives the commissions/Rebates for every cleared purchase you make -- we add that GOLD Rebate to your account, all in the form of pure physical Gold. Free-Gold, Tax-Free.

R2R/OMG Rewards, will store your Gold Rebates for you ,in our partners secure insured Private Bullion Vaults -- far away from unreliable banks. Our accounting software gives you 24/7 access to your Virtual Accounts, so you can literally see the savings building up. While it goes from Pending to Spending or Saving status...of all cleared transaction funds.

Plus, sell any or all of your (cleared/settled) Gold to us at R2R/OMG whenever you want! Or have it shipped to you, just pay Shipping & Handling... including recommended Insurance . Plus any Premium** charged on any minted products you choose. Only Minted products of 1 gram or more can be shipped, or you take the cash payout instead (i,e grains of Gold for example,cannot be shipped, only sold back to us for cash currencies payouts**).

We buy for ourselves and our clients Rebates due at the best prices available close to Spot Price as possible by buying into investment grade 400 oz Bars of pure Gold**.

This gives us and all our clients the most Gold exchange possible for our/their rebates cash values. All other Gold brokers and Vaults, of any considerable size of Vault total holdings and stabiltiy/security, that we have found in our extensive search,only allow you to buy into minted units of gold (ie. ingots of  oz, grams, or multiples thereof ),or coins which all these types of minted products have substantial Premium charges on top of Spot Prices for that actual amount of pure gold. Those premiums can fluctuate greatly (higher) when there is high-demand scarcity. So you,and we, would accumulate substantially less Rebate Gold and/or cash payouts over time. Do the Math!

Physical Minted/Certified purity Precious Metals Premiums comparison,to Spot Price:


OMG/R2R Customer/Client Membership Features & Benefits (more specific details) :

  • All Pending Rebates tracked & accounted in real-time in Member Virtual Account login.
  • Once Settled/ Cleared ** All Rebates converted to “Real Money”- Gold, in Customers Virtual to Physical conversion,portion of OMG Aggregate Account. Now totally accessible/available to them. **
  • Only the largest Top-rated and Verified Non-Bank Private Vaults utilized to store all Gold.**
  • All Gold in these Top Private Vaults, fully Insured by top-rated Global Insurance entities.**
  • All these top-rated Private Vaults utilize the World’s Top-rated Accounting firms for holdings confirmation/verifications. 100% of all Rebate-Gold is held Physically in Full-Reserve Vaults.**
  • Outside the Global Banking System, so not subject to Negative-Interest Charges or Bail-ins etc..or Bank & related Systemic Failure, Nor to Fiat Failure, since it is Pure Gold.**
  • Physical Gold is NOT subject to “Counter-Party Risk” ** as all other Fiat Rebates/ Rewards are.**
  • Gold has an Approximately 6000 year of recorded human History & Economics use as real money**. It also has a 50 year (so far) History of Compounding Annual Growth Returns of interest of over 8% ,since we went off the Gold-Exchange for US Dollars in 1971 (i.e. aka = Gold Standard) . This is only likely to get better/greater in the future, which is better than most Annuities and Pensions etc., can safely attain. And. those you must invest in, NOT free-money...not tax-free like R2R/OMG unique form of GOLD-IRA (International Rebate Account) .**
  • Allow your Free-Gold/Tax-Free**, from money you would have never seen, nor had to invest or set-aside, to naturally and automatically accumulate,from everyday or Luxury spending for wants and needs, to produce your Survivable/ Sustainable Secured Savings Success. “Spend Your Way To Secured Savings”-™ .**
  • Available Globally, thru our Affiliated Merchants and ,our (OMG/R2R) access points & Apps to : Individuals, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, and all legal entities, on all legal Products and Services, affiliated with OMG/R2R and our Patented Superior Savings Solution.

“Do the Math”-

**R2R/OMG Client-Member shall not at any time,for any reason,under any circumstances... contact our Corporate Private Vault Partner Services about their OMG Rebated Gold Holdings Virtual Account status, for any questions or concerns or action requests at all (et al). You will make all such inquiries,requests and more through R2R/OMG Support contact services provisions ONLY.


As all Gold Rebate funds at our contracted Vaults, are held in Aggregate via our  OMG/R2R Corporate Accounts, and accounted for you through your Virtual Holding individual account (i.e. which can be viewed in your Members Login area, as your Available funds/non-pending). This is to keep all your rebate funds: safe,secured, insured and accounted correctly, without any additional fees to you the R2R/OMG Member, and most importantly: "Tax-free".

This Available (cleared/paid) Funds in Gold, can be: securely held long-term, sold, willed ,or shipped (you pay shipping-handling-insurance-plus any applicable "Premiums" for minted products shipped**) per our rules and requirements("Terms & Conditions") by request.

When your Virtual Holdings, within our Physical Gold Aggregate Corporate R2R/OMG Accounts reach sufficient/substantial amounts, we(R2R/OMG) or associated partners, may in the future offer Loans against these assets, so you do not have to sell out for short term needs (coming soon).

You will make all such inquiries,requests and more through R2R/OMG Support contact provisions ONLY. Failure to abide by this, and potentially overload our  PrivateVault Partners Support team, with queries they do not have individual accounts for, will result in Members Warning 1st, and then suspension or closure of their membership account with R2R/OMG.

If you choose to go to our own source ( to apply to open an individual allocated account, with our main contracted Gold Holdings Vaults, in addition to your tax-free aggregate holdings in our OMG Aggregate Corporate Account with them, then those purchased Gold Holdings will not likely be Tax-free, as it only results to be as such from Purchases Rebates, and you must consult your own tax advisers on any reporting requirements and potential taxes(including V.A.T.) due, on your directly purchased Holdings .

You will then communicate directly with them (  on that direct individual allocated account Only. And, of course, abide by their (the Vaults) own "Terms & Conditions" and guidance/rules. There are no rebates offered on direct purchases for your separate account, from these Vaults at this time,and none promised. OMG has no part in managing or monitoring or advising on, your individual direct accounts with Bullion Vault or anyone else you choose.

Yet, R2R/OMG may offer our own Proprietary Precious Metals Products, at a future date, that do have Gold-Rebates on certain types of same (i.e. Small ingots or coin units, or Bullion Jewelry), where margins and more make that possible and practical, so stay alert to those offerings. And those products, will have tax-free rebates in Gold ,on top of the Gold, or PM (Precious Metals) or Jewelry you Purchase.

All Values in your account must be delivered  electronically as US Dollar currencies with a minimum of $50 payout Via PayPal , or our other (coming soon) Virtual Wallet ,or Physical Debit/Credit Cards(coming soon) options we add. It would be deducted from your account totals and  we would no longer track nor account that portion cashed-out,of course. 

We do not sell Physical Gold, nor deliver funds in the form of Gold. Due to Money-Laundering laws ,and the regulations of our Broker/Dealer & Private Vault (, we pay-out your value to you when requested (over $50) electronically (see above) and you must  open an account directly with them, or another dealer/broker of your choosing, to have Gold or other Precious Metals shipped to you for electronic (digital) cash-currencies.

See their (BV's) own "terms and conditions" at the link above, or another of your choosing. Then you deal with them ONLY directly, on those purchases ,as we are out of that loop.

There are No Gold-Rebates offered on any of your outside (of OMG site) purchases,at this time. Through BV, you'll be getting the best price and features available anywhere already.

They require you to provide KYC (Know Your Customer ) documentation/identification etc to buy PM's ,By Law, as any/all other legitimate source would too.

With Rebated-Gold, derived from your purchases through our OMG Membership ( affiliated links) ,we are not required to get,nor for you to give OMG/R2R that documentation. to receive free-Gold/Tax-free held  in your Virtual Account ,within our Patented Secured Savings System Solutions.

The PayPal system, and other Virtual Wallets or Banks etc, all may require that information to get accounts with them ,and we pay out your cash currencies through them. No Checks or Money-Orders sent.

** See our OMG/R2R "Terms & Conditions" for any additional related information details.