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Gold standard for the U$D in Aug 1971 till now...

GOLD since we went totally off the Gold standard for the U$D in Aug 1971 till now...check again Aug 2024 @ 53 years spot price (?), so far its averaged over 8% average per year. A 6.5% CAGR to 8% CAGR is what US Pensions in U$D need to pay their liabilities and avoid default/ bankruptcy!

Who knew!? Now they use risky assets with no intrinsic value currencies to invest pensions in to meet that 6.5% to 8% safety level! Gold-backed pensions would be the perfect safe haven investment vehicle.

 As the price of Gold rises with Inflation, as all other Fiat currencies lose value with inflation, the CAGR goes up..and ergo the # of years to Double,Triple,Quadruple etc to let's say a TENFOLD (10x) increase @ 8% CAGR?   **Check the Rule of 72 calculator results @ below/bottom for that answer.
(screenshot taken on 15th January 2024)

Compound Annual Growth Rate Calculator is an online finance risk measurement tool to calculate what an investment yields on an annually compounded basis. The start value, final value and number of years are the key components to figure out CAGR in percentage.
** 10x your Value of currency calculation @8% CAGR:
(screenshot taken on 15th January 2024)
Divide 8% into 239:

(screenshot taken on 15th January 2024)
In Conclusion
A 10% Tax-Free REBATE(i.e.return/reward /fee/commission/profit on purchases)when compounded @ 8% CAGR , becomes 100% (i.e.Tax-Free Rebate asset) of the Total you spent,in just shy of under 30 years(i.e. Think: Mortgages, Bonds, Timeshares, etc etc etc..and you still own them and their payouts too)!

Compound Annual Growth Rate abbreviated as CAGR, is a method of estimation of average annual percentage growth of an investment or some part of the business over a specified time period. The CAGR is an important area of financial management. To calculate annual percentage growth, this annual growth rate calculator can assist you in analyzing investment alternatives by comparing their CAGRs from identical periods.

As the  Gold price & CAGR % increases, the 10x mark/TENFOLD increase outcome  is hit earlier and earlier. Besides, doubling ,quadrupling etc your value add is hit much much earlier.

"Math is the Language of Truth...and Gold is the Currency of Truth" ,and both these types of TRUTHS are immutable,ubiquitous,with intrinsic values....exclusively...among all languages and currencies.

Do The Math...then Get & Grow the Gold! The Formula to REAL Fortune(i.e. CACHE- TREASURE <google it>/Not fiat CASH=TRASH) and Financial Freedom.