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Exclusive Loyalty Rewards: Patented Gold-Backed Rebates – The Ultimate Fintech-Embedded Savings Solution Profiting from Inflation


Summary: OMG “Oh My Gold” Rewards is the only Secured EMBEDDED SAVINGS** Solution Offering pure physical Gold as a reward for purchases. The Patented Loyalty Rewards system is designed to guarantee that the Rewards hold, or gain value with inflation, to truly benefit members Savings assets accumulation. Patent Subject Titled:” Process for providing physical gold-back rebates on purchases by a secured gold-back savings system”- US10423974B2


Puerto Rico, August - 2023 - OMG Rewards promises to give members of their Secured EMBEDDED SAVINGS ** Solution System: a way to "Spend Your Way to Secured Savings"™. Patent Subject Titled.” Process for providing physical gold-back rebates on purchases by a secured gold-back savings system”

The patently innovative new rewards system delivers Loyalty/Rewards in pure physical Gold, held securely in the world’s biggest & best private vaults, to the benefit of all its members. Private Vaulting systems are outside of the allegedly precarious Global Banking System and its Fiat Currency’s faltering stability & strength, low and/or even negative interest Rates, and the INFLATION’s “Automatic Tax”.

With OMG Rewards, consumers can buy from their favorite Retailers and Wholesalers out of OMG Merchant-member links, gain their best deals, and receive free rebates in physical Gold on top, with every purchase that they make through OMG. Also, new Members can sign up for OMG Rewards for free, and the purchase rebates received are tax-free”. Plus, free Gold storage, free Insurance and free accounting, on their purchase rebates, all paid by OMG.

OMG also offers another unique “EMBEDDED SAVINGS” SOLUTION Benefit, OMG gives is an internal Member/Affiliate Referral Rewards System, which involves NO Selling, only sharing, since the Gold is free, and so is the Membership which comes with automatic Affiliate Referral Rewards, that are also paid in pure Gold, and accumulates with free storage, insurance and accounting paid for by OMG.

Existing Loyalty/Rewards Industry rewards options, ranging from cash-back and points to air miles, brand bucks, and coupons, all lose their value over time. OMG Rewards delivers financial security and the guarantee that members' rewards will always retain value, and even gain value with INFLATION, thanks to the buying & trading value stability of physical Gold.

The loyalty and rewards space in the FINTECH  industry is closing in on USD $200 billion per year Globally (, and OMG Rewards has the only patented alternative to "Losing in Loyalty" rewards - real, pure Gold.

"Eat your cake now, and Savor it for later too"-™ — this is OMG Rewards' promise to their members. Their totally unique system, based on solid Math and solid Gold, as well as the historical and economic performance of Gold, gives consumers the power to save securely by just buying what they want and need, and receiving free Gold, on top of their best deal made, as “Golden Icing” on the cake! It works even better & bigger with luxury big ticket items Margins. Rich, poor or anywhere in the economic spectrum standings, everyone wants automatic Savings that are secured as backup assets, out of the reach of maleficence by any entity.


OMG Rewards takes the winning concept of loyalty-rewards programs, and transforms it to the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)” Secured (EMBEDDED) Savings System”. Plus, OMG also offers another unique EMBEDDED SAVINGS SOLUTION Benefit unique to GOLD, as in its Economic History of compounded gains over time.

Only pure physical 24K (.9999) Gold has a 52-year history (1971-2023) after coming off the gold standard of the US Dollar primary world reserve currency, of a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) gain in the value of more than 8%. In 1971, the valuation stood at $35 per troy ounce on August 16th. In the present day, this value has surged to $1916 as of August 23, 2023.

When considering that most USD based pensions need only 6.5% to 8% CAGR to remain solvent and pay all liabilities, Gold is a solid asset, accumulating value over time, for anyone, safely and securely, as sure a bet as you can get! Over time the gains could equal up to 100%

of the total spent. Do the math

Only Gold retains its intrinsic value with inflation, while all other fiat government currencies and all fiat loyalty/rewards industry currencies such as: cash-back, points, corporate/brand currencies, coupons etc., become worth-less over time, with inflation. These all have the "Counter-party Risk" of being devalued by the issuer, and their charging more of each type to use them with INFLATION, or becoming totally Worthless, whereas Gold never, in 4-6,000 years of its human historical use as Trade- Exchange Currency, goes to Zero value.

OMG Rewards holds a patent that totally covers all possible use applications of their innovative rewards system, as attested to by Patent Arts Unit Examiners assessments, and OMG’s well-qualified Patent Attorney's firm. No addendum's or extra patents are required to cover all possible use applications of OMG’s gold-backed rewards system (US10423974B2).

In addition to their “Secured Savings System" of the gold-backed rebates shopping website, and proprietary top tech for their online and offline in-store POS operations, the initial offering also includes 4 integrated and fully capable Android and iOS apps.

Finally, OMG Rewards is also seeking strategic licensed card Issuing partners, for the world's first Gold-Back Credit and Debit cards, coming soon to a Wallet near you!

Take a moment to absorb this... we're a pioneering force in the business world, reshaping the landscape as Disruptors. Our innovations reach a level that transforms industries, particularly in the realm of loyalty rewards. And when it comes to EMBEDDED SAVINGS FINTECH, we're at the forefront of revolution.


For more information about OMG Rewards, visit the website Also, watch our 3:57 min explainer video “System Overview”

Please contact Steven Michael Kelley (Inventor/Founder) with press inquiries; by phone at +17874780898, email at [email protected], or write to 165 Ponce de Leon Ave., STE 201; San Juan PR 00917.

OMG- “Oh My Gold”-™ Rewards


165 Ponce de Leon Ave., STE 201

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