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How Refer & Earn Works

Follow simple steps and earn unlimited referral bonus.

  • You Invite A Friend
    You Invite A Friend

    Invite a friend by an email, social media or WhatsApp.

  • Your Friend Joins Us
    Your Friend Joins Us

    Your Friend Joins us using referral code and complete verification.

  • Friend Shops Online
    Friend Shops Online

    Shop Online via our website and earn goldback.

  • Earn Bonus
    Earn Bonus

    You get paid as referral bonus on 1st tier (5%), 2nd tier (3%) and 3rd tier (2%)

Why Refer Friends

Benefits of referral

  • Help Your Friends
    Help Your Friends
    Let your friends know about earning real goldback on top of all discounts and promo codes.
  • Multi-Tier Referral Rewards
    Multi-Tier Referral Rewards
    You get paid as referral bonus on 1st tier (5%), 2nd tier (3%) and 3rd tier (2%)
  • Unlimited Earning for Life
    Unlimited Earning for Life
    Get 5% of each orders by your direct referred friends. After 10 1st Tier direct referrals sign up you get paid on 2nd Tier 3%. After 25 1st Tier direct referrals sign up you get paid on 3rd Tier 2%

“Membership has its Precious (Metals) Rewards!”-™

Refer a “Friend”- Pay It Forward !

The BIG Rewards, besides helping out a "Friend" by just inviting them in to get Free-Gold/Tax-Free,is that your own Rewards are ongoing/recurring too. As, you will receive the equivalent of 5% Bonus for YOU, of 100% of all cleared/paid/settled Rebates paid direct to OMG for  your direct personal referrals on their purchases. This continues for as long as your account, and theirs, remain in good standing**. (** See Terms & Conditions for more details)

Everyone will be your "Friend" for inviting them in, even if they're a stranger now!
You can refer to join-free in OMG, any legal entity including : Individuals, Corporations/Companies/DBA's, Non-Profits (i.e.Charities and Churches, Schools and all legal/Legit NPO's), and NGO's (Non-Governmental Org's...Schools...etc)

They can use it to save money securely as Gold,much better than cash-back,points, airmiles Corporate/Brand Bucks, Crypto-Currencies etc etc, on all types of purchases. Do the Solid Math on the OMG Solid-Gold “Secured Savings System”!

Organizations can use it as an ongoing Fund-Raising tool, by signing up their members/ supporters etc and the general public, and receiving their direct 5% of 100% of the rebates earned/paid to OMG for their referrals as rebates in Gold, without diminishing the referrals personal rebate amount (50% of OMG’s, 100% total)’s a bonus from out of our OMG 50% share of the Golden treasure rebates booty...Free-Gold.
The rebates on purchases are tax-free (i.e. see IRS info in OMG FAQ's**), although the referral rewards may or may not be (i.e. consult your tax-advisor).

For registered/approved NPO's that referral reward is a form of contribution, ergo it should be tax-free as fund-raising contributions (i.e. consult your tax advisors).

But for everyone it is free-gold...on top of your best deal found, on any purchases through OMG linked Affiliate retailers/wholesalers etc..

It really does not get any better than this...OMG= "Oh My GOLD"- TM ! 

But does get even better and bigger!

Multi-Tier Referral Rewards Program

Pay It Way Forward!

Share OMG with friends

Get 5% on 100% of each settled orders Rebate amount received by OMG on purchases, by your direct referred friends(unlimited width)

After 10 of your direct  personal referrals sign up= get 3%of 100% on purchase rebates received by OMG for people referred by your direct (Tier 1)referrals,

After  25 of your direct Personal referrals sign up = you get  2% of 100% on purchase rebates received by OMG for people referred by your 2nd tier “friends” referred people= your 3rd Tier referrals.
Unlimited width of # of Members signed-up, on all 3 tiers of depth!
In most scenarios when you invite your friends to a business, you'll receive some referral system with a one-time payout. But what about when your friends, refer their friends? Shouldn't you get rewarded for that also? We figured all that out.

 When you refer your friends to OMG, you'll receive 5% of the commission/Rebate/Reward of 100% OMG receives  for everything that they purchase via OMG forever**. If your friends invite their friends, you'll receive 3% of 100% rebates OMG receives for  everything they purchase. If your friends' friends' friends you'll receive 2% of 100% of the rebate/commissions amounts OMG receives for all rebates they receive for their purchases.

just check out the chart/Diagram below :). These referral fees will be for life,as long as you and they have a membership in “good standing” **, and will be issued as an added OMG Balance to your account. Payouts will be automatically applied to your account, as soon as OMG will get a legitimate settled/paid ( returns, charger-backs, fraud etc) commission/rebates from your referrals orders.
See our “Terms & Conditions” for more  details/particulars.
Not bad eh? Start referring today. Go to ”Refer a Friend” link under your “ My Account” menu. 
Contact us if you have any questions.

Note: After 10 1st Tier direct referrals sign up(always paid @ 5%**), you get paid on 2nd Tier (@ 3%**), after 25 1st level direct referrals sign up, you get paid on 3rd Tier (@ 2%**). With Unlimited width #’s on all 3 tiers,@ 3 tiers total depth.

**These 1-2-3 Tier Bonus Rewards come out of the OMG 50% retained, not the direct purchasers (50%), so you're not taking anything away from them only from OMG’s net.

**On qualified /cleared/settled paid sales rebates/commissions to us.
% bonus paid, is of 100% of the total rebate amount paid to OMG for those purchases.