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OMG newly added features

There were a few major works that we did additionally on the base products such as:

Website UI - We’ve completely molded the website UI into the client expectation without compromising any high functionality. A few features that we added into the website as follow:

  1. Gold price - We call API from bullionvault to show live gold price on the OMG website.
  2. In-store merchant onboarding page - We created a page instructing how an offline store can get onboard on OMG website.
  3. Online merchant onboarding page - We created a page instructing how an online store can get onboard on OMG website.
  4. Google language widget - We've added a code to the header section that utilizes google's vast language portfolio to assist users from different regions to translate.
  5. Liveagent - We’ve integrated the Liveagent contact form into the contact us page.
  6. Featured store slider - We’ve added an option in each store to get highlighted into featured stores in the all store page.

Affiliate tracking platform - This platform helps advertisers to connect with the publisher to promote their products online. We’ve created a separate panel for:

  1. Admin panel - From here the admin can approve the publishers and advertisers and create a touchbase to keep a close eye on all the transactions such as commissions and cashback, product purchases, user behavior, missing cashback claims, invoice for the advertiser or any other disputes between advertisers and publishers.
  2. Advertiser panel - After getting approval from the admin and integrating their website using JS code snippet into their wordpress website’s header, the advertiser will be able to track the transactions and user traffic that comes from the numerous publishers from their panel.
  3. Publisher panel - After getting approval from the admin, and then getting approval from the advertiser, the publisher can create an affiliate link to promote in their respective website or community. 

Local In-store GOLD-Back System - Any user who locates an in-store from the app to earn GOLD-back rewards while purchasing any product can show the QR code and the retailer scans QR code from the app or web portal. Here the retailers can create targeted GOLD-back campaigns for specific products or categories and limit the number of redemptions. This system drives foot traffic and provides retailers with valuable data insights about customer spending behavior.